PhD Students

Dr. Estelle Gueneau (PhD student, Geneva 2003):
Alkali and alkaline earth metal clusters

Dr. Adeline Robin (PhD student, Geneva and Basel 2005):
Inorganic polymers of Cu(I, II) and Ag(I)

Dr. William Maudez (PhD and Postdoc, Karlsruhe and Basel 2006):
Clusters of alkali, alkaline and rare earth metals

Dr. Rémi D. Bergougnant (PhD and Postdoc, Karlsruhe and Basel 2006):
Clusters of alkali metals with calixarenes and crown ethers

Dr. Jorge L. Sagué Doimeadios (PhD and Postdoc, Karlsruhe, Basel and Fribourg 2006):
Inorganic polymers of Ag(I)

Maya Al Assaad (1 year stay, Fribourg 2008):

Laurent Mirolo (5 year stay, Basel and Fribourg 2010):
Ag-Histidine complexes and crown ether compounds

Dr. Jing Chen (Postdoc, Fribourg 2009):
Ag-/Cu-coordination polymers with luminescent ligands

Dr. Tünde Vig Slenters (PhD, Basel 2009):
Antimicrobial coatings for implant materials

Antoine Fleury(4 years stay, 2010):

Dr. Fabienne Gschwind (PhD, Fribourg 2010):
Mixed metal compounds as precursors for oxide materials

Dr. Aurélien Crochet (PhD, Fribourg 2010):
Clusters of transition metal ions
Aurélien was a postdoc before finishing his PhD
He is now back as machine pool responsible in FriMat.

Dr. Jérôme Girard (PhD, Fribourg 2012):
Polyelectrolytes with Ag-ions

Dr. Inès Chevrier (PhD, Fribourg 2018):
Real coordination polymers

Dr. Yvens Cheremond (PhD, Fribourg 2013):
Precursors for ion conducting battery oxide materials

Dr. Jacinthe Gagnon (PhD, Fribourg 2014):
Nanoencapsulation of silver-based antimicrobial drugs

Dr. Massimo Varisco (PhD, Fribourg 2014):
Antibiotic silver surfaces

Dr. Magdalena Priebe (PhD, Fribourg 2014):
Biomolecules and Silver

Claire-Lise Chanez (4 years stay, Fribourg 2014):
Precursors for oxide materials

Dr. Sonja Kracht (PhD, Fribourg 2015):
Silver coordination chemistry with peptides and ligands

Jean-Pierre Brog (4 years stay, Fribourg 2015):
Cluster compounds of transition metals

Noémie Voutier (2.5 years stay, 2017):
Stimuli responsive calixarenes
Noémie is currently a PhD student in the group of Prof. Fabio Zobi

Benoît Baichette (2 years stay, 2017):
Synthesis of metal-organic precursors for the generation of oxide or similar materials

Dr. Sivarajakumar Maharajan (PhD, Fribourg 2018):
Na+-ion battery materials, nano-Sn encapsulation

Dr. Hervé Yao (PhD, Fribourg 2018)
New eletrolytes for Li-batteries

Paula Corcosa (3 years stay, 2018): 
Bioinspired bimetallic complexes with silver and other metals for synergistic antimicrobial activity

Dr. Milène Tan (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Silver-polymer composite materials
Milène joined the group in July 2014

Dr. Valentin Chabert (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Bacterial resistance to silver : the role of SilE protein
Valentin joined the group in September 2014

Dr. Alba Finelli (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Precursors for mixed metal oxides
Alba joined the group in Mars 2014

Dr. Sarah-Luise Abram (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Nanoencapsulation of silver
Sarah joined the group in April 2014

Dr. Michela di Giannantonio (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Ferrocene-based bacterial sensor
Michela joined the group in June 2014

Dr. Anja Holzheu (PhD, Fribourg 2019): Hydrogels with short peptides and their composites with metal nanoparticles
Anja joined the group in February 2015

Dr. Serhii Vasylevskyi (PhD, Fribourg 2019): Anthracene and pyrene building blocks for luminescent coordination polymers
Serhii joined the group in November 2015



Dr. Fang Wu (Postdoc, Basel):
Antimicrobial Ag-compounds

Dr. Sonja Eckhardt (Post-Doc, Fribourg 2012):
Silver-peptide complexes

Dr. Miriam Lauz (Post-Doc, Fribourg 2012):
Electron transport through peptides

Dr. Matthias Messerer (Post-Doc, Fribourg 2014):
Peptide silver interaction (in collaboration with Dr. Mathieu Lang)

Dr. Mathieu Lang (Post-Doc, Fribourg 2013):
Peptide silver interaction (in collaboration with Dr. Matthias Messerer)

Dr.  Lenke Horvath (Scientific collaborator, Fribourg 2017):
CTI project

Dr. Jamshid Rjabi (Scientific collaborator, Fribourg 2017)
Ag-coordination polymers with luminescent ligands

Dr. Nelly Herault (Postdoc, 2018)
Nanocontainers and beads synthesis for the CO2 photoreduction

Dr. Joanna Conder (Postdoc, Fribourg 2019): Li- and Na-Batteries


Master Students

Nicolas Fuchs (Diploma student, Geneva):
Supramolecular Chemistry

Stefanie Zuber (2009):
Antimicrobial Ag-compounds

Claire-Lise Chanez (2010):
Precursors for oxide materials

Dr. Emmanuel Kottelat (2010):
Silver complexes with amino acids and small peptides
Emmanuel was back at UniFR for a PhD with SNSF-Prof. Fabio Zobi:

Dr. Harry Ramanantoanina (2010):

Lionel Pharisa (2015):
Pyridine-based ligands for coordination polymers of copper(II) and silver(I) ions batteries

Divine Mouck-Makanda (2016)
High energy olivine structured cathodes for lithium-ion

Cédric Mittellheisser (Master Internship): Interactions of silver efflux pump proteins with silver
Cédric joined the group in April 2019

Undergraduate students


Stephanie Mesch, Christian Krüger


Aakansha Saharan; Elsbeth Wyer; Amira Ben Masour; Lucile Bernet; Elisabeth Schäfer; Alberto Celada; Joel Seydoux; Nathalie Joset; Dominique Maret; Yauhen Sheima; Cristiano Caridade; Anaiz Martinez

Brian Barlett (NCCR Internship): Functional nanorattles
Brian joined the group in Mai 2019



Dr. Vera Deneva (visiting PhD):
Tautomerism : Where is the hydrogen ?

Sofia Aguiar

Jelena Andric
(visiting PhD student from Belgrade)

Yana Monolova
(visiting PhD student from Sofia, 2015)

Dr. Biljana Glisic
(visiting Postdoc from Kragujevac, 2 month 2017)

Dr. Atanas Kurutos
(assist. professor from Sofia, visiting 2 months 2017)
Inter- and IntraMolecular Processes

Silvia Hristova
(vititing PhD student from Sofia, 2 months 2017)

Visitors & Internship

Fabiane Fagundes-Brito (Exchange PhD student, Basel):
Polymers, membranes and channels (Stipend)

Dr. Cyrille Assouma Dagri
(visiting PhD from Abidjan, 2009-2011)

Kata Dobric (intern)
Kata joined the group on April 2018 now in Lattuada Group

Soledad Bonnet Gomez (Internship): Interactions of silver efflux pump proteins with silver
Soledad joined the group in January 2019

Damien Nicolet (Internship)
Damien joined the group in February 2019

Edwin Madivoli (PhD student, Swiss Excellence Stipend): Silver nanoparticle formation with Geobacter sulfurreducens
Edwin joined the group in September 2018

Julia Barbeitos: Internship
Julia joined the group in August 2019

Dr. Richard Remy (Internship): Anthracene and pyrene building blocks for luminescent coordination polymers
Richard joined the group in October 2019



Dr. Sofia Martin Caba: MINT responsible for the Chemistry Department
Sofia joined the group on April 2015