PhD Students

Dr. Estelle Gueneau (PhD student, Geneva 2003):
Alkali and alkaline earth metal clusters

Dr. Adeline Robin (PhD student, Geneva and Basel 2005):
Inorganic polymers of Cu(I, II) and Ag(I)

Dr. William Maudez (PhD and Postdoc, Karlsruhe and Basel 2006):
Clusters of alkali, alkaline and rare earth metals

Dr. Rémi D. Bergougnant (PhD and Postdoc, Karlsruhe and Basel 2006):
Clusters of alkali metals with calixarenes and crown ethers

Dr. Jorge L. Sagué Doimeadios (PhD and Postdoc, Karlsruhe, Basel and Fribourg 2006):
Inorganic polymers of Ag(I)

Maya Al Assaad (1 year stay, Fribourg 2008):

Laurent Mirolo (5 year stay, Basel and Fribourg 2010):
Ag-Histidine complexes and crown ether compounds

Dr. Jing Chen (Postdoc, Fribourg 2009):
Ag-/Cu-coordination polymers with luminescent ligands

Dr. Tünde Vig Slenters (PhD, Basel 2009):
Antimicrobial coatings for implant materials

Antoine Fleury(4 years stay, 2010):

Dr. Fabienne Gschwind (PhD, Fribourg 2010):
Mixed metal compounds as precursors for oxide materials

Dr. Aurélien Crochet (PhD, Fribourg 2010):
Clusters of transition metal ions
Aurélien was a postdoc before finishing his PhD
He is now back as machine pool responsible in FriMat.

Dr. Jérôme Girard (PhD, Fribourg 2012):
Polyelectrolytes with Ag-ions

Dr. Inès Chevrier (PhD, Fribourg 2018):
Real coordination polymers

Dr. Yvens Cheremond (PhD, Fribourg 2013):
Precursors for ion conducting battery oxide materials

Dr. Jacinthe Gagnon (PhD, Fribourg 2014):
Nanoencapsulation of silver-based antimicrobial drugs

Dr. Massimo Varisco (PhD, Fribourg 2014):
Antibiotic silver surfaces

Dr. Magdalena Priebe (PhD, Fribourg 2014):
Biomolecules and Silver

Claire-Lise Chanez (4 years stay, Fribourg 2014):
Precursors for oxide materials

Dr. Sonja Kracht (PhD, Fribourg 2015):
Silver coordination chemistry with peptides and ligands

Jean-Pierre Brog (4 years stay, Fribourg 2015):
Cluster compounds of transition metals

Noémie Voutier (2.5 years stay, 2017):
Stimuli responsive calixarenes
Noémie is currently a PhD student in the group of Prof. Fabio Zobi

Benoît Baichette (2 years stay, 2017):
Synthesis of metal-organic precursors for the generation of oxide or similar materials

Dr. Sivarajakumar Maharajan (PhD, Fribourg 2018):
Na+-ion battery materials, nano-Sn encapsulation

Dr. Hervé Yao (PhD, Fribourg 2018)
New eletrolytes for Li-batteries

Paula Corcosa (3 years stay, 2018): 
Bioinspired bimetallic complexes with silver and other metals for synergistic antimicrobial activity

Dr. Milène Tan (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Silver-polymer composite materials
Milène joined the group in July 2014

Dr. Valentin Chabert (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Bacterial resistance to silver : the role of SilE protein
Valentin joined the group in September 2014

Dr. Alba Finelli (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Precursors for mixed metal oxides
Alba joined the group in Mars 2014

Dr. Sarah-Luise Abram (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Nanoencapsulation of silver
Sarah joined the group in April 2014

Dr. Michela di Giannantonio (PhD, Fribourg 2018): Ferrocene-based bacterial sensor
Michela joined the group in June 2014

Dr. Anja Holzheu (PhD, Fribourg 2019): Hydrogels with short peptides and their composites with metal nanoparticles
Anja joined the group in February 2015


Dr. Fang Wu (Postdoc, Basel):
Antimicrobial Ag-compounds

Dr. Sonja Eckhardt (Post-Doc, Fribourg 2012):
Silver-peptide complexes

Dr. Miriam Lauz (Post-Doc, Fribourg 2012):
Electron transport through peptides

Dr. Matthias Messerer (Post-Doc, Fribourg 2014):
Peptide silver interaction (in collaboration with Dr. Mathieu Lang)

Dr. Mathieu Lang (Post-Doc, Fribourg 2013):
Peptide silver interaction (in collaboration with Dr. Matthias Messerer)

Dr.  Lenke Horvath (Scientific collaborator, Fribourg 2017):
CTI project

Dr. Jamshid Rjabi (Scientific collaborator, Fribourg 2017)
Ag-coordination polymers with luminescent ligands

Dr. Nelly Herault (Postdoc, 2018)
Nanocontainers and beads synthesis for the CO2 photoreduction

Master Students

Nicolas Fuchs (Diploma student, Geneva):
Supramolecular Chemistry

Stefanie Zuber (2009):
Antimicrobial Ag-compounds

Claire-Lise Chanez (2010):
Precursors for oxide materials

Dr. Emmanuel Kottelat (2010):
Silver complexes with amino acids and small peptides
Emmanuel was back at UniFR for a PhD with SNSF-Prof. Fabio Zobi:

Dr. Harry Ramanantoanina (2010):

Lionel Pharisa (2015):
Pyridine-based ligands for coordination polymers of copper(II) and silver(I) ions batteries

Divine Mouck-Makanda (2016)
High energy olivine structured cathodes for lithium-ion

Undergraduate students


Stephanie Mesch, Christian Krüger


Aakansha Saharan; Elsbeth Wyer; Amira Ben Masour; Lucile Bernet; Elisabeth Schäfer; Alberto Celada; Joel Seydoux; Nathalie Joset; Dominique Maret; Yauhen Sheima; Cristiano Caridade; Anaiz Martinez



Dr. Vera Deneva (visiting PhD):
Tautomerism : Where is the hydrogen ?

Sofia Aguiar

Jelena Andric
(visiting PhD student from Belgrade)

Yana Monolova
(visiting PhD student from Sofia, 2015)

Dr. Biljana Glisic
(visiting Postdoc from Kragujevac, 2 month 2017)

Dr. Atanas Kurutos
(assist. professor from Sofia, visiting 2 months 2017)
Inter- and IntraMolecular Processes

Silvia Hristova
(vititing PhD student from Sofia, 2 months 2017)


Fabiane Fagundes-Brito (Exchange PhD student, Basel):
Polymers, membranes and channels (Stipend)

Dr. Cyrille Assouma Dagri
(visiting PhD from Abidjan, 2009-2011)

Kata Dobric (intern)
Kata joined the group on April 2018 now in Lattuada Group

Soledad Bonnet Gomez (Internship): Interactions of silver efflux pump proteins with silver
Soledad joined the group in January 2019

Damien Nicolet (Internship)
Damien joined the group in February 2019