Invited contributions to international conferences (examples)

07.01.2014 Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, Dresden, “Alles Nano oder was?”

20.06.2014 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Microbiologists, Fribourg, “Combating Implant Infection with Smart Nanotechnology”

23.06.2014 CLINAM, Basel, “Nanoencapsulation of Silver-based antimicrobial drugs”

26.09.2014 Forum OFAC Basel, “Smart Materials for Medicine”

25.06.2013 CLINAM, Basel, “Conditional Triggered Drug Release”

10.06.2010 Gordon Research Conference “Crystal Engineering”, Waterville Valley, N.H., USA, “Silver coordination polymer compounds and their applications in medicine”

Conference Report

Bernd’s Birthday Symposium – A Firework of Chemistry
K. M. Fromm, Chimia 2017, 71(7-8), 524. DOI:10.2533/chimia.2017.524

ECM-30-European Crystallographic Meeting 2016: Bringing the Crystallographic Flame to Basel
K. M. Fromm, J. Schefer, Chimia 2016, 70, 12, 905-906. DOI:10.2533/chimia.2016.905

Ada Yonath Held Inaugural Chaim Weizmann Lecture in Fribourg on March 21st, 2011 
K. M. Fromm, Chimia 2011, 65, 616-618.  DOI:10.2533/chimia.2011.616


Special Issue “Radically Different – A themed issue in honor of Professor Bernd Giese on the occasion of his 80th birthday”
Special issue editor: K. M. Fromm, Chemistry 2020, 2(2). link Open Access

Unravelling Peptide Folding Trends and Kd Values of Unique Silver Efflux Protein SilE Sequesnces
V. Chabert, M. Hologne, O. Sénèque, O. Walker, K. M. Fromm, Chimia 2018, 72, 11, 815, doi:10.2533/chimia.2018.815

Revêtements antibactériens pour les implants : le pouvoir de l’argent
P. S. Brunetto, DeviceMedChimia 2018, Website

International Year of Crystallography
H.-B. Bürgi, K. M. Fromm, Chimia 2014, 68, 1-2, 6-7, link

Crystallography in Switzerland and elsewhere from 1912 to 2013 and beyond
Chimia 2014, 68(1-2), 6-7. ISSN:0009-4293, link

Coordination Polymer Chemistry
E. Housecroft, K. M. Fromm, Chimia 2013, 67, 6, 369, Link