Queens & Kings 2022

First 2022 paper

Complexation Behavior of Pinene–Bipyridine Ligands towards Lanthanides: The Influence of the Carboxylic ArmA. B. Solea, L. Yang, A. Crochet, K. M. Fromm, C. Allemann, O. Mamula, Chemistry 2022, 4, 1, 18-30. DOI:10.3390/chemistry4010002   Special Issue to Celebrate the Life and… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022.

Christmas Show 2021

It is a great pleasure that we could hold the Christmas Show today, starring Christian Bochet, Jörn Dengjel, Alex Puoti, Baptiste Hildebrand and Aurélien Crochet (and myself). Thanks to Anne Schuwey and the apprentice as well as Aurélien for the… Continue Reading →

Katharina was on SRF last sunday

Katharina was live on TV and Radio this past Sunday! See the interview (in German) here: https://www.srf.ch/play/tv/sendung/persoenlich?id=02072b83-a890-4aae-8c9f-39e245382273 If you only want to listen: https://www.srf.ch/audio/persoenlich/chemieprofessorin-katharina-fromm-und-starkoch-alain-baechler?id=12101102

Katharina on a delegation with State Councilor Curty

Katharina was just on a delegation with State Councilor Curty to Mulhouse where a letter of intent was signed with the French delegation from the Grand Est.

Process Chemistry Conference

Great examples from industrial process chemistry helps to prepare students for life in industry! Thanks SCS!

Welcome to our students

Jocelyn Pradegan, Master student, Pyrene building blocks for luminescent coordination polymers Baptiste Chapuis, Bachelor student, Anthracene derivatives synthesis as building blocks for luminescent coordination polymers

Chaim Weizmann Lectures 2021: Paul Nurse

Congratulations to Dr. Silvia Hristova

3rd Kick-off Meeting

On October 14th 2021, the third kick-off meeting of the platforms between Fribourg highschools and the university of Fribourg took place, with one highlight being the launch of Leonardo, for talented maths pupils, presented here by Prof. Ioan Manolescu.

More than 5’000 citations over the past 5 years !

The Fromm Group has reached more than 10’000 citations, out of which 5’500 over the past five years! Hooray! Our two most cited papers are about antibacterial properties of nanoparticles, cited >2’000 times, and about coordination polymers, cited >1’500 times,… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Alexandre

We wish to welcome Mr. Alexandre Bianchi to our group!  Alexandre is back in the group  as masterand.

Chem. Comm. Cover for our last paper

NMR reveals the interplay between SilE and SilB model peptides in the context of silver resistanceL. Babel, M.-H. Nguyen, C. Mittelheisser, M. Martin, K. M. Fromm, O. Walker, M. Hologne; Chem. Comm. 2021, 57, 8726-8729. (cover) DOI: 10.1039/D1CC02597J

Our new collaborative paper is online

7-OH quinoline Schiff bases: are they the long awaited tautomeric bistable switches ?A. Georgiev, D. Yordanov, N. Ivanova, V. Deneva, N. Vassilev, F. Kamounah, M. Pittelkow, A. Crochet, K. M. Fromm, L. Antonov; Dyes and Pigment 2021, 195, 109739. DOI:10.1016/j.dyepig.2021.109739

Welcome to Justas

We wish to welcome Mr. Justas Mikutavicius  to our group!  Justas  joined the group  as science visitor (NNCR intern) for the next 3 months.

Congratulations to Dr. Edwin Madivoli

Congratulatulations to Edwin for his PhD with awards ! Congratulations to Edwin Madivoli for the successful defense of his PhD thesis in chemistry. Edwin was host in our laboratory with the help of the Swiss Excellence Stipend program.

Congratulation to our alumna Dr Jacinthe Gagnon

We congratulate our alumna Dr Jacinthe Gagnon for her new job up at Group Marcelle where she is now the Regulatory Affairs Specialist for the cosmetic products! Wishing her all the best and satisfaction for this new step in her career!

congratulate Prof. Liudmil Antonov

We congratulate Prof. Liudmil Antonov, collaboration partner over many years, for his receiving the Grand National Pythagoras Prize 2021. The Pythagoras Prizes are the most prestigious Scientific awards in Bulgaria, frequently referred as the “Bulgarian Nobel Prizes”. https://bnt.bg/news/nagradi-za-prinos-v-naukata-pitagor-2021-295515news.html (see ca…. Continue Reading →

Congrats to Atena !

Congratulatulations to Atena for her PhD ! Congratulations to Atena Solea for the successful defense of her PhD thesis in chemistry with the title: “Pinene-pyridine derivatives: synthesis, self-assembly and sensing applications” on 24th of March 2021. This PhD project is… Continue Reading →

Our last paper

General Chemistry: Large Classes, Mixed Public, Three Languages (A Personal Experience)K. M. Fromm; Chimia 2021, 75, 39-44. doi:10.2533/chimia.2021.39

Katharina’s interview in Chimia

Chemistry Europe Fellows Katharina M. Fromm and Karl Gademann on interview in Chimia. http://docserver.ingentaconnect.com/deliver/connect/scs/00094293/v74n12/s20.pdf?expires=1614616807&id=0000&titleid=10984&checksum=1A00C7D584E6DFC46BB9BEC6FFCD873F

Thanks for your attending

On January 14th, Katharina’s participation to the mini-symposium on Metalloagents in antimicrobial resistance was a great success with approximatively 80 participants. Katharna’s presentation was “Agent Silver – with a Licence to Kill: Compounds, Nanomaterials and Mechanism of Action”

Katharina in ChemistryViews

Chemistry Views article about the Chemistry Europe Fellows: https://www.chemistryviews.org/details/ezine/11284547/A_European_Chemist_If_Not_A_World_Citizen.html Tis article on Chemistry Views about the Chemistry Europe Fellows, is based on the interviews that Katharina and the other Fellows gave to their Society journals. 

Katharina on webseminar

On January 14th, Katharina will participate to the mini-symposium on Metalloagents in antimicrobial resistance. 10:00 am (Fribourg Time )/ 17:00 pm (Hong Kong Time) “Agent Silver – with a Licence to Kill: Compounds,Nanomaterials and Mechanism of Action”, Prof. Katharina Fromm… Continue Reading →

Science after Noon – Wissenschaftskultur für die Zukunft

Katharina was particpating to the online meeting of “Science after Noon – Wissenschaftskultur für die Zukunft”. article: https://a-plus-full.kiwi.novu.ch/site/assets/files/12670/portra_t_wissenschaftskultur.pdf meeting:

G(r)eek Chemistry

Every Christmas, Prof. Katharina Fromm, with the support of many different members of the group is launching a new spectacle full of chemical experiments, smoke and color! Video on Youtube: here

last paper:

On the Ni0.75Ti1.5Fe0.5(PO4)3/C NASICON-type electrode materialM. Srout, M. Amou, K. M. Fromm, I. Saadoune; J. Electroanal. Chem. 2020, 114913, In Press. DOI: 10.1016/j.jelechem.2020.114913

paper #200

Our 200th paper: New Antimicrobial Strategies Based on Metal ComplexesM. Claudel, J. V. Schwarte, K. M. Fromm; Chemistry 2020, 2(4), 849-899. DOI: 10.3390/chemistry2040056

Advent Calendar

Alma&Georges (UniFr Magazin) proposed an advent calendar. The idea is to spread a bit of peotry, reflection, laught in this troubled period or simply a short break during or fullfilled days. Katharina is the first storyteller ! Alma&Georges: https://www3.unifr.ch/alma-georges/articles/2020/adventskalender-2020-1-gedankenfunke-von-katharina-fromm?lang=de Facebook :… Continue Reading →

Our last review: New Antimicrobial Strategies Based on Metal Complexes

New Antimicrobial Strategies Based on Metal ComplexesM. Claudel, J. V. Schwarte, K. M. Fromm; Chemistry 2020, 2(4), 849-899. DOI: 10.3390/chemistry2040056  

Katharina at the aee suisse meeting

Katharina was invited to the aee suisse meeting 2020 as vice-rector of Research and Innovation: https://aee-congres.ch/fr/ Her presentation is available here

Katharina invited by The Fribourg Development Agency

Katharina has participate to a debate on technology transfert with Fribourg Network: “Osez le transfert technologique – Wagen Sie den Technologietransfer” More information on Fribourg Network website: https://2019.fribourgnetwork.ch/en/2020/08/27/live-debate-on-youtube/ You could also found the debate on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1529&v=5YLTewBBZUM&feature=emb_title

Merci Michel !

Merci pour tout Michel, nous te souhaitons une bonne retraite !

Biometals 2020

Happy Birthday to our Postprof!!!

Happy Birthday to our Postprof!!!Happy Birthday to our Postprof!!! Special Issue “Radically Different—A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Bernd Giese on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday” https://www.mdpi.com/journal/chemistry/special_issues/themed_issue_bernd

Katharina honoured as Chemistry Europe Fellows

Katharina has received the honour of the European Chemical Societies Publishing as Chemistry Europe Fellows 2018/2019.

Atena at the “Café du jeudi”

Atena will participate as speaker at the “Café du jeudi”: Les armes chimiques et leur détection.

Katharina on radio

Katharina was invited to the radio show CQFD, on RTS1. Des batteries à base de bactéries

Congrats to Mohammed !

Congratulatulations to Mohammed for his PhD !

New Katharina’s review is online !

The new review of Katharina in now available online: Chemistry of alkaline earth metals: It is not all ionic and definitely not boring! K. M. Fromm, Coord. Chem. Reviews 2020, 408, 213193. DOI: 10.1016/j.ccr.2020.213193 abstract: “Some scientists might consider group 2 chemistry as “boring, closed… Continue Reading →

ChemMetBio 2020: Thanks !

Thank you all so much for your contributions! It was a wonderful day!

Kings & Queens 2020

St. Michel and Gambach

Three times “Full House” Today, the Chemistry Department of the University of Fribourg has hosted the German and French speaking classes of the Colleges St. Michel and Gambach. In total, some 750 pupils, distributed over one show in German and… Continue Reading →

Rising Institutions in Materials Science, Top 50 outside China. #46 UNIFR

The fastest rising institutions in materials science: Unifr ranks 46th worldwide! https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-03766-z

Katharina on Swiss Radio SRF1

One day after the press conference with Guy Parmelin and Matthias Egger, Katharina gave an interview to the Swiss Radio SRF1, „Tagesgespräch“ with Marc Lehmann and Gabriela Hug. https://m.srf.ch/play/radio/tagesgespraech/audio/100-millionen-fuer-sechs-forschungsschwerpunkte—ein-luxus?id=b70b6b6c-4156-41be-ba9e-62b438c2d1d8

Thank You Jihane

Xmass Show 2019

This year the Xmass show was : Once upon a time… in Fribourg. Thanks to all for coming, we hope that you have appreciate the show.    

Our last paper is online:

Surface modifications of positive-electrode materials for lithium ion batteries N. H. Kwon, J. Conder, M. Srout, K. M. Fromm, Chimia, 2019, 73, 880-893. DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2019.880

Congratulations to Michela

Congratulations to Michela who received her postdoctoral stipend from SNF to go to Australia!

Congrats to Dr. Serhii

Congratulation to the Dr. Serhii Vasylevskyi for his PhD thesis.

Katharina and James Fraser Stoddart

Katharina in interview in Universitas

Katharina is in interview in the university journal: Universitas Link,  «Freiburg ist ein Rohdiamant» _ Universitas _ Université de Fribourg (pdf version)

Katharina at the STS Forum in Kyoto

Katharina Fromm represents the Swiss National Science Foundation at the STS Forum in Kyoto during a bilateral meeting with the Japan Science and Technology Agency.

Welcome to Julia

We wish to welcome Ms. julia Barbeitos to our group, Julia joined the group as  an intern for the next months.

Welcomed Prof Ismael Saadoune

The Fromm Group welcomed Prof Ismael Saadoune from Marrakesh in the week of July 22nd. He is Mohammed’s PhD superviser !

Katharina in the news paper “le temps”

Crème solaire, dentifrice, lessive: joies et dangers des produits «faits maison» Le «do-it-yourself» (DIY pour les intimes) enthousiasme de nombreux internautes, qui proposent moult recettes de produits cosmétiques et ménagers. Quid de leur efficacité… et de leurs dangers? https://www.letemps.ch/lifestyle/creme-solaire-dentifrice-lessive-joies-dangers-produits-faits-maison

Serhii selected for Roche Continents 2019

Congratulations to Serhii ! he has been selected to participate in Roche Continents 2019 at the Salzburg Festival, taking place from August 22-26, 2019! https://roche-continents.com/home.html  

Serhii’s work in Universitas

Serhii’s work on luminescent detector is presented in the university journal: Universitas (link) pdf version of the article: 2018-19_04_universitas

Congratulations to Bernd for his PhD !

Congratulations to Bernd for his 50th PhD anniversary and renewal of his PhD diploma from the University of Munich! On that occasion, Bernd and Katharina met also Bernd’s PhD supervisor, Rolf Huisgen – yes, THE one from the Huisgen reaction… Continue Reading →

Our last paper is online:

Efficient Perovskite Nanocrystal Light-Emitting Diodes Using Benzimidazole-Substituted Anthracene Derivative as the Electron Transport MaterialS. Kumar, T. Marcato, S. Vasylevskyi, J. Jagielski, K. M. Fromm and C. Shih, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2019, accepted manuscript. DOI: 10.1039/C9TC02352F.

Katharina on radio

Katharina was invited to the radio show CQFD, on RTS1. https://www.rts.ch/play/radio/cqfd/audio/reperer-la-molecule-qui-donne-le-gout-de-bouchon?id=10454159

Randy Schekman in : Alma & Georges

Welcome to Franck

We wish to welcome Mr. Franck Oswald to our group,  Franck joined the group as PhD student.

Jihane Birthday

Prof. Randy Schekman

Randy Schekman received the Chaim Weizmann Lecturer Diploma yesterday. It was a very didactic, fun and historic talk !

Prof. Randy Schekman in Fribourg

Prof. Randy Schekman, Nobel Prize of physiology or medecine 2013 is in Fribourg for the Chaim Weizmann Lecture.

Serhii’s research still on news

Serhii’s research is everywhere !!! http://www.jellypages.com/life-style/Never-more-discussions-with-the-waiter-h85643.html https://www.nzz.ch/wissenschaft/wein-mit-zapfen-ein-sensor-erkennt-die-verantwortlichen-molekuele-ld.1476891 https://www.blick.ch/news/schweiz/hat-er-oder-hat-er-nicht-schweizer-forscher-erfinden-zapfen-sensor-fuer-wein-id15285310.html https://www.swissinfo.ch/ger/sensor-spuert-zapfen-molekuele-im-wein-auf/44914490 https://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/leben/essen-und-trinken/nie-mehr-diskussionen-mit-dem-kellner/story/31601256 https://www.myscience.ch/en/news/2019/vorsicht_zapfen_sensor_fuer_korkgeschmack_im_wein_entwickelt-2019-unifr https://www.bielertagblatt.ch/dem-zapfen-auf-der-spur https://www.schweizerbauer.ch/vermischtes/allerlei/wein-sensor-erkennt-zapfen-48879.html https://theworldnews.net/ch-news/nie-mehr-diskussionen-mit-dem-kellner https://www.bauernzeitung.ch/artikel/sensor-erkennt-zapfen-im-wein https://www.msn.com/de-ch/nachrichten/other/sensor-sp%C3%BCrt-zapfen-molek%C3%BCle-im-wein-auf/ar-BBWczOh?li=BBqfZdU https://www.msn.com/de-ch/nachrichten/other/sensor-sp%C3%BCrt-zapfen-molek%C3%BCle-im-wein-auf/ar-BBWcMjY http://www.pamphlet.ch/?article_id=1217 https://www.letemps.ch/sciences/chercheurs-fribourgeois-ont-mis-point-un-detecteur-vin-bouchonne https://www.arcinfo.ch/articles/suisse/mise-au-point-d-un-detecteur-de-vin-bouchonne-835772 https://theworldnews.net/ch-news/la-science-a-trouve-le-detecteur-a-gout-de-bouchon https://www.lacote.ch/articles/suisse/mise-au-point-d-un-detecteur-de-vin-bouchonne-835772 https://www.lenouvelliste.ch/articles/suisse/mise-au-point-d-un-detecteur-de-vin-bouchonne-835772 https://www.lepoint.fr/sciences-nature/des-chercheurs-inventent-le-detecteur-de-vin-bouchonne-29-04-2019-2309905_1924.php http://www.decotidien.com/actualite/Capteur-ressent-Cones-dans-le-Vin-a-Vue-h25354.html https://www.rtbf.be/info/insolites/detail_des-chercheurs-suisses-mettent-au-point-un-detecteur-de-vin-bouchonne?id=10202991 https://parismatch.be/actualites/societe/262442/la-science-a-enfin-une-solution-contre-le-vin-bouchonne https://weekend.levif.be/lifestyle/culinaire/mise-au-point-d-un-detecteur-de-vin-bouchonne/article-news-1127177.html https://headtopics.com/be/des-chercheurs-suisses-mettent-au-point-un-detecteur-de-vin-bouchonne-5473438

Serhii’s research on Newspapers

Serhii’s research continue to be highlighted on different newspapers: 25.04.2019: “Des chercheurs bordelais ont mis au point un détecteur de vin bouchonné”, France Bleu, pdf 25.04.2019: “Détecter visuellement un vin bouchonné”, La Gruyère 25.04.2019: “Vin bouchonné vite détecté”, La liberté, pdf 23.04.2019: “Des chercheurs mettent… Continue Reading →

The Department of Chemistry hosted two world-class chemists for seminars

The Department of Chemistry hosted two world-class chemists for seminars: Prof. Li-Zhu Wu from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. Lutz Ackermann from the University of Göttingen, Germany! Prof. Li-Zhu Wu Prof. Lutz Ackermann

Katharina and Serhii on TV

Katharina and Serhii were on Swiss News broadcasting (RTS): Link Found back Katharina’s interventions on RTS on avisdexperts.ch: Link

Serhii Research on Newspapers

Serhii research highlighted on different newspapers: 20minutes.ch/ro 24heures radioFribourg and radioFreiburg

Serhii in Unifr News

Caution: corked! Sensor for cork taint in wine developed With the recently developed sensor even slight traces of the most common wine fault can be detected: http://www.unifr.ch/news/en/21233/  Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook

Congrats to Anja

Congratulation to the Dr. Anja Holzeu for her PhD thesis.

Chaim Weizmann Lecture 13.05.2019

This year’s Fribourg the awardee will be Prof. Dr. Randy Schekman, Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology/medicine for the discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells. 13.05.2019, 17h15, Big Lecture Hall, Chemistry Department << How cells… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Mickaël

We wish a warm welcome to Mickaël. He joined our group for as PostDoc for an InnoSuisse project on antimicrobial coatings.

Re-highlight from Nature Chemistry- Give Silver A Shine!

Give silver a shine! To celebrate the #IYPT2019, each day Nature Chemistry will be posting an Element essay from the collection they have published in Nature Chemistry over the last 10 years. And for this purpose, Prof. Katharina M. Fromm’s article on Silver… Continue Reading →

Special issue of CHIMIA on the NCCR Bioinspired Materials

A special issue of CHIMIA on the NCCR Bioinspired Materials, to which Philippe and Emilie belong, is now published, with Philippe’s first paper out! Congrats ! special issue of CHIMIA: click here

we welcomed Prof. Hans Hagemann

Today, we welcomed Prof. Hans Hagemann from the University of Geneva for a talk on batteries!

Congratulations to all new Chemistry PhD of 2018 !!!

Congratulations to all new Chemistry PhD of 2018!!!

Congratulations to Edwin

Congratulations to Edwin Madivoli for receiving a Travel Grants for PhD Students and Early Career Scientists for his participation at 14th International conference on materials chemistry (MC14) Congratulations to Edwin Madivoli for receiving a Travel Grants for PhD Students and… Continue Reading →

Congrats to Milene

Congrats to Milene for her new job as surface scientist/junior project manager at SuSoS AG.

Best Poster Price: Atena

Atena won the best poster award at the Swiss Snow Symposium.

Congrats Sarah

Congrats to Sarah who will start a postdoc in the group of Cornelia Palivan at the University of Basel! https://www.chemie.unibas.ch/~palivan/

Collège St. Michel & the Association of Lab Technicians

Last week on Monday evening, Michel Piccand, Aurélien Crochet, Jihane Hankache and Katharina M. Fromm from the Chemistry Department of the University of Fribourg welcomed, together with help from Sofia Martin Caba, the Association of Lab Technicians to present them… Continue Reading →

Katharina was awarded the Prix Jaubert 2018

On Friday, January 18th 2019, Katharina M. Fromm was awarded the Prix Jaubert 2018 from the University of Geneva for her contributions and works for the betterment of humankind. This is the highest recognition given to former alumni of the… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Soledad

We wish a warm welcome to Soledad Bonnet Gomez. She joined our group for as internship.

Welcome to Joanna

We wish a warm welcome to Dr. Joanna Conder. She joined our group for as Postdoc.

Welcome to Mohammed

We wish a warm welcome to Mohammed Srout. He joined our group for as PhD student with a Swiss Excellence Stipend.

Merry Christmas and Successful New Year 2019 !

Welcome to Maksym

We wish to welcome Mr. Maksym Karamash  to our group,  Maksym Karamash  joined the group as PhD student.

Welcome to Justine

We wish a warm welcome to Justine Schwarte. She joined our group for as PhD student.

Congrats to Milène

Congratulation to the Dr. Milène Tan for her PhD thesis.

Chaim Weizmann Lecture

This year’s Fribourg the awardee was Prof. Erwin Neher, Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology/medicine for the discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells.

Congrats to Inès

Congratulation to the Dr. Inès Chevrier for her PhD thesis.

Congrats Sarah

Congratulation to the Dr. Sarah-Luise Abram for her PhD thesis.  

Congrats Valentin

Congratulation to the Dr. Valentin Chabert for his thesis.

Congrats Alba

Congratulation to the Dr. Alba Finelli for her PhD thesis.

Explora – Journée Portes ouvertes 2018

The Fromm group actively participated in the Explora 2018 of UniFr.  

Chaim Weizmann Lecture Announcement

This year’s Fribourg Chaim Weizmann Lecture will take place on November 21st 2018 at 17h15 in the big lecture hall of Chemistry. The awardee this year will be Prof. Erwin Neher, Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology/medicine for the discoveries concerning the… Continue Reading →

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