Month January 2020

New Katharina’s review is online !

The new review of Katharina in now available online: Chemistry of alkaline earth metals: It is not all ionic and definitely not boring! K. M. Fromm, Coord. Chem. Reviews 2020, 408, 213193. DOI: 10.1016/j.ccr.2020.213193 abstract: “Some scientists might consider group 2 chemistry as “boring, closed… Continue Reading →

ChemMetBio 2020: Thanks !

Thank you all so much for your contributions! It was a wonderful day!

Kings & Queens 2020

St. Michel and Gambach

Three times “Full House” Today, the Chemistry Department of the University of Fribourg has hosted the German and French speaking classes of the Colleges St. Michel and Gambach. In total, some 750 pupils, distributed over one show in German and… Continue Reading →

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