Month December 2019

Rising Institutions in Materials Science, Top 50 outside China. #46 UNIFR

The fastest rising institutions in materials science: Unifr ranks 46th worldwide!

Katharina on Swiss Radio SRF1

One day after the press conference with Guy Parmelin and Matthias Egger, Katharina gave an interview to the Swiss Radio SRF1, „Tagesgespräch“ with Marc Lehmann and Gabriela Hug.—ein-luxus?id=b70b6b6c-4156-41be-ba9e-62b438c2d1d8

Thank You Jihane

Xmass Show 2019

This year the Xmass show was : Once upon a time… in Fribourg. Thanks to all for coming, we hope that you have appreciate the show.    

Our last paper is online:

Surface modifications of positive-electrode materials for lithium ion batteries N. H. Kwon, J. Conder, M. Srout, K. M. Fromm, Chimia, 2019, 73, 880-893. DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2019.880

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