Month April 2019

The Department of Chemistry hosted two world-class chemists for seminars

The Department of Chemistry hosted two world-class chemists for seminars: Prof. Li-Zhu Wu from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. Lutz Ackermann from the University of Göttingen, Germany! Prof. Li-Zhu Wu Prof. Lutz Ackermann

Katharina and Serhii on TV

Katharina and Serhii were on Swiss News broadcasting (RTS): Link Found back Katharina’s interventions on RTS on Link

Serhii Research on Newspapers

Serhii research highlighted on different newspapers: 24heures radioFribourg and radioFreiburg

Serhii in Unifr News

Caution: corked! Sensor for cork taint in wine developed With the recently developed sensor even slight traces of the most common wine fault can be detected:  Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook

Congrats to Anja

Congratulation to the Dr. Anja Holzeu for her PhD thesis.

Chaim Weizmann Lecture 13.05.2019

This year’s Fribourg the awardee will be Prof. Dr. Randy Schekman, Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology/medicine for the discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells. 13.05.2019, 17h15, Big Lecture Hall, Chemistry Department << How cells… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Mickaël

We wish a warm welcome to Mickaël. He joined our group for as PostDoc for an InnoSuisse project on antimicrobial coatings.

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